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We provide professional and outstanding services for a wide array of uniform needs.

Scrubs N Stuff values its’ relationships and reputation for professionalism. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience!

Hospital Shows Outside EventsHospital Shows/Outside Events – Scrubs N Stuff offers employee convenience by bringing our location to your facility! Offering medical scrubs and uniforms, shoes, medical accessories, give-a-ways and door prizes, our dedicated Show Crew has years of knowledge to provide an amazing experience. Employee benefit: We offer Payroll Deduction at no cost to the facility or employee ensuring customer satisfaction.

We offer a range of personalized show options, from shoe fairs, including slip resistant shoe policies, to hospital uniform conversion – Call us today to talk about your needs. With our personalized service, we can supply flyers, posters and table tents to promote your upcoming event!

If your event is a Fundraiser, we can help you achieve the best return on your time. Scrubs N Stuff is a vendor supporter of the AFHAV.

For more information or to set up an event, please contact our Outside Sales Department by emailing our Director, Randy Koehler at RandyKoehler@scrubsnstuff.biz.

Payroll DeductionPayroll Deduction – Our free Payroll Deduction Program is sure to create a positive employee experience. This no cost program is a fantastic way to offer an employee benefit from your company at no cost to you. We offer this program in store and on site.

For more information on this or to sign up, email sales@scrubsnstuff.biz or call (727) 350-5838, extension 25.    [back to top of page]

dresscode-btnDress Code Conversion – Since 2008, Scrubs N Stuff has guided over 40 hospitals and organizations in dress code conversions. Offering a wide range of implementation options and understanding both the needs of your organization and employees, our experienced Conversion Team will gladly meet with you to help in this sometimes overwhelming process. Excelling in Dress Code Standards, vendor availability, ease of implementation, product knowledge and much more, our knowledge in this area is the best around.

To help answer any questions or start your conversion today, please email Randy Koehler at RandyKoehler@scrubsnstuff.biz [back to top of page]

education-btnProfessional Education – We love our students! Scrubs N Stuff supports all professional education. With over 10 partner schools, we have the ability to meet your school’s specific needs. We offer in-store discounts to all students and faculty. We also stock pre-embroidered items for your students by arrangement with your school.

Call (727) 350-5838, extension 25 today to find out how to get your students availability, quality, and great pricing.    [back to top of page]

groupservice-btnGroup Service – Our customizable Group Uniform Program offers a wide range of options. We can assist you in finding the look, overall feel, and brand that represents your office or corporation. We offer on-site personalized office sizing, special discounted pricing, custom embroidery and custom sorting.

We understand the importance of creating a unique, individual look for your office or corporation and have over 8 years of experience catering to these requests. Our multiple offerings and price points make it easy to find the perfect look and fit for your staff!

Contact us today to learn more or to get started – email sales@scrubsnstuff.biz or call (727) 350-5838, extension 25.    [back to top of page]

embroidery-btnEmbroidery – Scrubs N Stuff offers many embroidery options to help personalize your company. Offering over 50 different font options, 16,000 preset designs and the ability to digitize and replicate your organization’s exact logo or font, you will find everything you need to stand out and heighten your company’s brand.    [back to top of page]